Things You May Not Know About The Alcohol And Rash Combination

For many people, alcohol and rash go hand in hand.  An alcohol induced rash can be quite mild to something very severe.  Alcohol in general, when consumed in large amounts has the ability to damage your liver, stomach and kidneys so it is no surprise that it can also affect your skin.

In addition to harming your organs, alcohol can cause various types of cancer.  When your body breaks the alcohol down in your system, it is turned into a chemical compound that is called acetaldehyde, which is found in cigarette tobacco, causing massive DNA damage.  It can be responsible for causing lung, liver, brain and stomach cancer.  Hangovers and the alcohol and rash combination comes from the acetaldehyde.

Why Does Your Face turn Red?

Alcohol and rash are linked together because consuming alcohol causes all of those little capillaries in your face to dilate.  Once the capillaries are dilated, they allow more blood than normal to enter into the tiny vessels resulting in your face turning red.

Facial Dryness

Drinking alcohol can cause not only the alcohol and rash combination but it can also cause dry patches.  The same way alcohol causes your body to become dehydrated, it also drains moisture from your skin.  Drinking alcohol regularly will result in a dewy appearance, plumpness and firmness of your face.

Facial Swelling

It is very common to suffer from very swollen eyes and a swollen face after a night of drinking.  If you are or become a heavy drinker, you may have these facial characteristics present all of the time.

Broken Capillaries

Long-term consistent use of alcohol can ultimately result in permanent purple and red branch-like looking blood vessels found within the skin's surface.  These broken capillaries that are resulted from the alcohol and rash combination can be removed by laser treatment.  However, if alcohol use continues, these broken capillaries will reoccur.

Rosacea Flare-Ups

Reports suggest that alcohol has a direct effect on rosacea flare-ups.  Also, if you are older than 30 years old, the flare-ups will continuously become worse.  It is important to understand that alcohol does not actually cause rosacea but it does aggravate the condition.

Alcohol And Allergies

The alcohol and rash combination can be a direct result of allergies.  These side effects can often occur even with the smallest amount of alcohol consumed.  Alcoholic allergies manifest themselves as rashes, migraines, itchiness, asthma, swollen face, diarrhea and swollen, watery eyes.  Your body offers an allergic response to protect itself against foreign matter that you come in contact with such as dust, hair, pollens, food and drinks.

Many people assume that allergens in wine come from the sulfur dioxide which is a natural preservative but this is highly unlikely.  The allergic reaction comes from the tannins and histamines that naturally occur in wine and beer.  Alcohol and rash type of allergies are not to be confused with a hangover.


Of course the best way to eliminate the chance of having an alcohol and rash combination from occurring is to avoid consuming alcohol altogether but if one does occur, it is  important to not scratch, even though it may be hard not to.  It is also helpful to keep your skin moisturized by applying a hypoallergenic moisturizer that is odor and fragrance free.  additionally, be sure to hydrate your skin from the inside out and drink plenty of water.

Lastly, avoid showers that are too hot as they can aggravate the rash, making it much worse.  Always use nonabrasive sponges and mild soaps and refrain from allowing itchy material to touch your skin.