Dealing With A Groin Rash

A groin rash often isn't as serious as it sometimes appears to be, and not all rashes in the area of the groin necessarily cause discomfort. Sometimes these rashes do however, and the discomfort they   cause can in some cases be not only quite distressing, but at times more than a little embarrassing. A full-blown rash can at times not only itch, but can also be quite painful. In such instances, even trying to walk naturally isn't always a great deal of fun.  All one wants to do is to keep clothing, or anything else, away from the area, and hope for some cool relief.

Not For Men Only – But Mostly

Anyone can get a groin rash, although it is more prevalent among men, and is more apt to be experienced by those men who are physically most active. Perspiration is often one of the causes, since when the area of the groin becomes damp with sweat, and the undergarments become damp as well, the rubbing of cloth against the skin can cause tiny breaks or wounds, leading to the rash. To complicated things even more, bacteria can sometimes find their way into these tiny wounds, making the rash different in character and more difficult to treat. Jock strap itch, discussed below, is almost exclusively a male problem, but when the rash is associated with a skin disorder, such as psoriasis or eczema, women can be affected just as easily as men.

Fungal infections are another cause of groin rash. A fungus is often the cause when a rash is picked up in a shower room, or any room where there is either apt to be standing water or high humidity coupled with warm temperatures. The groin, being a warm, dark place to begin with, can make an ideal home for a fungus once dampness enters into the picture.

The sudden onset of a rash of any type can be more than a little scary, especially if on has no clue as to where it may have come from. The first thought is usually one of having contracted some terrible communicable disease. That is seldom the case however. It's almost always warmth, dampness, and the presence of opportunistic bacteria or fungi that is to blame.

Jock-Strap Itch And Folliculitis

Many younger men have experienced the discomfort of what is known as jock-strap itch. Jock-strap itch is caused by a fungus, and is easily treated. If one is participating in organized sports, the team trainer usually knows how to treat such an itch. Otherwise, an over-the-counter anti-itch lotion will usually provide needed relief. Zinc oxide is a very good choice for curing the ailment. Sweating, combined with the friction of skin against clothing, can some times cause a flare-up of folliculitis. The rash in this case is due to hair follicles being damaged by the friction, resulting in inflammation coupled with the presence of small pimples. The pimples indicate the presence of a minor infection. While the infection may indeed be minor, the discomfort caused by the rash can be difficult to ignore. Folliculitis more often than not will clear up on its own, if the affected area is kept dry.

Home Treatment

Unless the rash is due to a skin disorder that may require treatment by a dermatologist, most rashes are caused by a fungus, and therefore can usually be treated at home. Before any topical medication or powder is applied, the groin area should be free of moisture, and kept dry as much as possible. Wearing loose undergarments, or none at all for few days, can be a good idea as well. If moisture and friction can be avoided as much as possible, the healing process should proceed smoothly. Also, when bathing, take care not to use a soap that may irritate the skin. It's quite possible the soap being used to bathe with may have contributed to the problem in the first place. Some body sprays, body washes, or colognes can also cause rashes, although most are quite safe, especially lotions containing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is one home remedy that often provides fast relief. Another is lemon juice, as the acid attacks any fungi that may be present. An over-the-counter anti-itch lotion, or a steroid cream, will usually provide quick relief, and promote healing as well.

If A Rash Persists

It is seldom that a groin rash requires a trip to the doctor unless the discomfort is more than one can bear. Most of the common rashes are not in themselves particularly dangerous, although some may be caused by an underlying physical disorder that could be somewhat serious. If a rash persists, even if it isn't causing a great deal of discomfort, it would be wise to seek medical assistance, not only to get relief, but to make certain there isn't some underlying cause that demands immediate treatment. Fortunately for most of us, an incident of groin rash is seldom more than an annoyance, one which most often goes away in a day or two, especially when given some basic care and treatment.