A Quick Guide to Ringworm Rash

Despite the name, a worm is not the cause of ringworm rash; this condition got its name centuries ago when doctors did believe that it was caused by some type of worm infecting the skin. Today medical professional know that this is a skin infection that is very common, and fortunately it doesn’t have a thing to do with worms.

Although worms are not the cause of ringworm rash, pets can be a contributing factor to this skin infection. Ringworm is actually an infection caused by a fungus that subsists on the keratin located in the outer layers of skin, finger and toenails, as well as the scalp area where there is hair.

Ringworm rash can be found on areas of the body that are moist and do not get a lot of light. If someone has this fungus infection on the feet it is referred to as athlete’s feet, in groin it is call jock itch. In the case of this infection developing on other areas of the body it is known as ringworm.

This infection is so prevalent that 20 percent of the human population has it right at this moment. Not everyone will get this infection; in order to develop ringworm rash you do have to be exposed to the fungus, plus some people do tend to have more of a natural resistance to it than others. Those people that already have skin disorders such as eczema will find that they develop ringworm more easily than other people. Children tend to develop this infection more than adults, and boys do have more of a problem with it than girls.

Ringworm rash does have some distinct symptoms; when someone develops this infection there will be a round area of the skin that is red and dry. The area of the rash might itch, which does cause even more irritation. The rash will continue to grow in size but at some point the area in the middle of the rash will clear; this leaves a rash that resembles a ring.

If someone has ringworm rash they are contagious. You can catch ringworm by direct contact, as well as contact with the shedding skin flakes. These skin cells will be found in house dust, or can infect someone through the sharing of towels, beds, etc. It is not uncommon for athletes to infect each other with ringworm rash through contact sports.

Another common cause of ringworm is through animals, both dogs and cats can get this infection and will spread it to humans through contact with the animal. In addition to house pets, farm animals are also a source of ringworm.

It is not absolutely necessary to get treatment if you develop ringworm rash, as this condition will resolve itself within a few months. There is a small chance that the infection could become chronic if left untreated, but this is not common. When you seek treatment for this disease, the doctor will give you medicine to apply to the infected area; with treatment the rash will go away quickly, though the treatment should be continued as directed by your healthcare provider.

The doctor can easily diagnose ringworm rash by simply looking at the lacerations, plus they can examine the skin cells under a microscope to see if there is any fungus apparent. Most physicians will simply diagnose by looking at the rash, so getting treatment started is fairly quick.

If you have ringworm rash there is no need to panic, simply make an appointment to see your primary care physician to receive the appropriate treatment.